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The original Spa-Francorchamps race track was a massive 14km long and used public roads that are still open today. First built in 1921 it became the venue for the inaugural Belgium Grand Prix in 1925, won by Alberto Ascari in a Alfa Romeo.

Being a high speed track there have been numerous safety concerns, not helped by  the layout running through the centre of small towns. Over the years the track has been shortened to improve safety but still covers a 7km (4.3 mile) distance. Even with this shorter course drivers still can face challenges where one part of the track can be wet with rain and other parts dry.

With the success of the Le Mans 24 hour race, Spa has also been the host of its own 24 Hour endurance event since 1924.

Spa arguably has the most famous corner in F1, with 'Eau Rouge' dropping into a former stream before exiting uphill to Raidillon corner. Speed is essentialy through this corner due to the long straight ahead, with drivers previously unable to see the top of the corner while turning at the lower section.

Michael Schumacher was been the most successful driver at this circuit with 6 wins, followed by Ayrton Senna with 5. Ferrari have been the most successful F1 constructor with 18 wins. While a Belgian has never won a F1 race here (although Max Verstappen was born in Belgium), they have been dominant in the 24 Hours event with Eric van de Poele winning this 5 times.

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