Poll to find the Best Car Dash Design

What is the best ever car instrument panel and dash design? We’ve all experienced car interiors that we love, and others that have left us feeling confused.

Have your say who is the best in our poll below. Only production cars were considered.

#1 Perfection – Lancia Delta Integrale 1987 – 1993

 Lancia Delta Integrale

There’s no other dash that I have seen before that does it all. From excellent colour combinations, plenty of gauges and common-sense design. These cars feel like a racer from the inside to match what we all see on the outside, and nothing else screams out loud “start me up” than this design.

#2 Beam me up Scotty – Aston Martin Lagonda Series 2 1976 - 1985

Aston Martin Lagonda

Any dash with an ‘engage’ button just has to score well. This dash is from a different world, matching the exterior in that regard. The Lagonda was among the most expensive cars in the world and the computerised dash wasn’t that reliable. Luckily we get to admire the design without the frustration of ever owning one.

#3 Americana – Corvette C1 1953 - 1962

 Chevrolet Corvette

Did car design peak in the 1950’s? This was a period where the car was much more than transport. Influences from jets and rockets and lashings of chrome helped this period to be one of inspiration and promises of the future. Who knew this glorious future would end in congestion charges and traffic jams..so maybe we need those jet cars after all.

 #4 Waterfall – Porsche 928 1978 - 1995

Porsche 928

While various muscle cars in the US got close, it was Porsche in 1978 with the 928 that really gave this design to the mainstream. It's incredible to think that the core design did not change across these seventeen years. We’ve seen Aston Martin follow this design cue, but not the distinctive ‘pascha’ seats pictured here. Owners will tell you that beyond the pictures lies a dash and odometer gears that crack too easily.

#5 French Mystere – Renault 5 Turbo – 1980 - 1984

Renault 5 Turbo

A poll on dash design needs to have a quirky French design. Yes, but which one? Citroen was high up on my list by I couldn’t ignore this Renault design that balances quirky with 80’s cool. Crazy to think that many owners have swapped out this steering wheel for the later three spoke Turbo 2 model.

#6 Night Lights – Dodge Charger - 1967

Dodge 1967

This was where I was expecting to include a Lamborgini Aventador, Reventon or Murcielago or a multi coloured Christmas tree design. After looking at many designs over the years, it’s the Dodge Charger single model year that really stood out – simple, balanced and a special hue that was years ahead of its time.

#7 Box Design – Lotus Espirit S1 1976 – 1977

Lotus Espirit

The Rover SD1 was top of mind for the first and possibly best of the box styling approach. However I have shortlisted the Lotus S1 which comprises a step up in materials, design and of course the list price when new. This car was always etched on my mind through James Bond Moonraker, but who knew that interior was so good?

#8 Minimalist – Citroen DS 19 – 1961 - 1965

Citroen DS

Minimalism remains a strong force in design today, from the Philippe Starck lemon squeezer to your UX perfected website design. In cars, it is normally the low priced cars that feature simple designs. The twenty year production run of the Citroen DS saw many different dash designs, but the early 1960’s version combines simplicity with elegance.

#9 Italian Go Faster – Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona 1968 - 1973

Ferrari Daytona

When it comes to tradition white on black gauges, does anyone do this better than Ferrari or Alfa Romeo? And not having a Ferrari in the poll would subject me to trouble with the tifosi. The Daytona is as beautiful outside as inside, and more than any other entry here, the interior just pulls you in and demands that you drive it. Now.

#10 Fighter pilot – Lamborgini Aventador 2011+

Lamborgini Aventador

That awkward moment when you realise you don’t have a design from 2000 onwards. There’s many good designs of course from the latest era, so I’ve prompted for the jet fighter cockpit of the Aventador. Some of the modern supercar range have gone too far into the bling department, but this cockpit balances out the F1 references with plenty of taste.


So now, time to cast your vote below for the best car dash design ever: