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Race with your mouse around this track!

The Circuit de Monaco is set in the suburb of Monte Carlo and has held Formula 1 races since 1929. The main layout of the circuit is largely unchanged since this time, which does create problems for modern F1 cars due to the limited areas that passing can be safely undertaken.

Ayrton Senna has recorded the most victories here with six wins. While Bugatti won the first race (which was by invitation only) McLaren have been the dominant manufacturer at this track, recording fifteen wins.

The Monaco grand prix is also well known for the expensive yachts and boats moored close to the track. Famously Kimi Raikkonen was seen on television drinking in the hot pool on his yacht after retiring early in the 2006 race. Despite part of the track being on the waters edge, only two drivers have ever crashed into the water.


Note there are two different sized mouse pads - please make sure you have selected the correct sized one.

Technical Spec's:
With its large size and quality edge stitching, this gaming mouse pad turns your gaming setup into a professional gaming or business station. Don’t worry about jerky mouse movements ever again, as the under layer features a reliable non-slip surface that keeps the entire mat firmly rooted to your table.

• 100% polyester
• Rubber non-slip base
• Sizes: 36″ × 18″ (91.4 cm × 45.7 cm), 18″ × 16″ (45.8 cm × 40.7 cm)
• Vibrant prints, long lasting
• High-quality edge stitching that doesn’t peel
• Non-slip surface
• Rounded edges
• Blank product sourced from Taiwan

Important: This product is not shipped to these countries: Albania, French Polynesia, Republic of Kosovo, New Caledonia, Réunion, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine.

Size guide

  WIDTH (inches) HEIGHT (inches) THICKNESS (inches)
18″×16″ 16 18
36″×18″ 18 36
18″×16″ 40.6 45.7 0.4
36″×18″ 45.7 91.4 0.4